The Season Begins . . .

Howdy everybody, long time no post.

The time has come to fulfill my promises to keep up a blog, and the result will be this post. Yes, I had a nice, though brief sojourn in the North Okanagan, and as of Sunday I have been in the bush a few kilometers from the charming town of Logan Lake.

The first day of camp was typical in that everybody worked, for free. Holes needed to be dug (for the shitters and the sump), tents needed to be set up, and tarps needed to be roped together. Myself, I spent most of my time digging the sump pit, which turned out to be an ominous foreshadowing of the ground we were about to plant. In the foreground of this picture you can see some of the heftier boulders that required excavation:


Well, at least we got a chance to start a few of our blisters. And soon enough, it was time to drink beer around the campfire. The next morning, it was time to work! After being introduced to the pleasures of the pie-plate (a screefed spot a foot wide around each tree), we got to work, and boy, was I ready to go!


Yep, I did make money that first day, and it didn’t even hurt too bad! For sure, I was taking it quite easy . . . it’s rocky out there and it’s not worth getting tendonitis right away. Still though, I finally had a day that ended in the black!

I went to bed early that night (last night), as I was rather fatigued, and we were doing the same thing tomorrow! Well, it was pretty gusty last night (the flapping tarp kept me up for a couple hours at least), and when I woke up this morning, this is what I saw:



So no planting today. We’re sitting around camp bored and freezing, just waiting for dinnertime. So another day in the red, I guess. Yes, it sucks, but anyone who has been planting before knows that shit going wrong is par for the course, to the point that it’s unsettling when everything goes right.

So enjoy your central heating and nice mattresses, folks! I have neither, and today I can’t even justify this unpleasantess with a large income. Oh well.

‘K bye.


~ by turvyc on April 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Season Begins . . .”

  1. Dang! April 22?!? That’s almost TWO MONTHS ago! I’m still waiting for your next blogshow. Hope everything’s going well, bugs not too bad, heat not too hot. I have two, yes, two kayak trips to tell you about.

  2. I reckon something genuinely special in this site.

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