Good Lord, Another Update

Howdy all!

Guess what — I made it! Right now I’m sitting in the Loki Hostel of La Paz, Bolivia, while my photos upload at an agonizingly slow speed.

Let me bring you all up to date.

The flight was harrowing, to say the least. It went from Mexico City to San Jose (Costa Rica) to Caracas to Lima to La Paz. Seventeen hours in total. I enjoyed four delicious ham and cheese sandwiches courtesy of the airlines, and sprinted like a maniac to make my connections — we were late leaving Costa Rica and I only had 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight in Caracas.

Flying to Lima was really scary, I’m not ashamed to admit. It was night, totally cloudy, and super turbulent. I was so insanely relieved to get on the ground, and my nerves were so frayed that I didn’t even blink when my gee and tee in the airport bar came to seven dollars. Steep, but never have I needed a drink so bad.

One word of advice: pack lightly. It was stressful enough making the connections, but if I had to worry about where my bag was I would have been a total wreck. Plus, I watched the guys in Caracas load the luggage on the plane, and they seemed to delight in tossing it as far and as non-gently as possible.

Anyways, I got to La Paz.

This place is totally unreal. It’s in a deep valley with all these crazy houses rising up the sides, and everywhere in town is hills. It’s mighty difficult to walk around, as the air is so thin, but at least I didn’t get altitude sickness.

The traffic here is crazy. Everywhere are these minivans, which are the buses, and instead of being numbered or labeled, they have kids standing in the open doors shouting the destinations. Thus the street is a cacophony of people shouting from the vans, which are carrying all sorts of people, from suited businessmen to the traditionally dressed native women. The latter are everywhere, and its so cool. They have the voluminous, brightly coloured skirt and the little bowler hats. This place is so cool.

There are boot-blacks everywhere here, too, and they all wear ski masks — so their friends don’t recognize them doing this shameful work, I’m to understand (I told you so, mom!).

I have much more to tell, but I must make my way to my Spanish lessons across town (walking through the streets is crazy — close calls with traffic are the norm, and I’m not even scared anymore!). Plus, people are waiting for the internet here.

I’m afraid that my pictures didn’t finish uploading (due to the ridiculously slow speeds — we’re talking about 10 kb/sec), so I’ll have to find a high-speed place in town somewhere. I feel like I hardly conveyed what this place is like in this post, and a picture is worth ten cubed words, I hear.

‘K Bye


~ by turvyc on January 17, 2008.

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