Mexico City


Mom will be happy to know I´ve made it to Mexico City (or as it´s known locally, D.F. — District Federale). The approach is truly revolting: monstrous chemical factories belch out a soupy haze which settles into the valley. In comparison, a pulp mill smells homey and pleasureable. I can´t stress the pollution enough: here, there are no blue skies, just white.

I´m afraid the pictures are still forthcoming, as these computers are way too crappy to actually upload my pictures. Will the situation become better in Bolivia? Ha!

Now let´s see here . . .

Mexico City has some truly amazing architechture. Even the plain old apartment buildings are incredibly ornate in the Spanish colonial style. Just wait till you see the pics. However, like massive cities everywhere, the vibe of the place is not exactly pleasant. No smiles, no pleasantries, just glares at this long-haired gringo. I was walking around downtown today (looking for this awesome chicken place — a quarter chicken, fried onions, potatos and tortillas all for 19 pesos, or $1.90), and I realized I had stumbled into a not-so-nice section of town. As it´s my laundry day I was (still am) wearing my flowery beach shorts and flip-flops, and I started feeling very uncomfortable (in Mexico nobody wears shorts, only the gringo tourists). Fortunately, there is quite the police presence here (there’s a shotgun-armed cop every 20 or 30 feet), so I decided to ask one for help. Yes, he knew where the Hotel Canada was (the major landmark next to my hole-in-the-wall chicken place), and yes he knew how to get there. But did he tell me? No, he fell mysteriously silent, and I realized he probably wanted to be reinbursed for his assitance. After 10 or 15 seconds of very awkward silence (I couldn’t stop looking at his 12-guage), he waved me on. Prick.

My advice: stay in Guadalajara. Plus there´s way more babes there.

Oh yes, I´ve decided to write descriptions for selected photos on Flickr, instead of putting it in here. So now you have to look at them ALL! Hahahah.

Anyways, tomorrow morning at 6:50 am I leave on my 17-hour journey to La Paz, Bolivia. Honestly, I´m more than a little concerned about getting to the airport by 4am, but such is life, I reckon.

Oh yes, one other noteworthy item I´d like to share, and also receive some feedback on. It seems that everybody here in the hostel is travelling with a cell phone. Does that seem strange to anybody? Are they expecting calls while they’re travelling? I honestly thought that to travel was to disconnect from that which know, but it seems to be normal to sit on one’s laptop and chat on MSN while in the hostel. I mean, this place even has a Playstation 2 and a wide selection of English language DVDs — why would you come all the way here to watch movies??? It’s crazy, I think, but maybe I’m the crazy one. Pfft, as if.

Anyways, the next entry will be from Bolivia, so I shall end my Mexican Prelude with an empatic ¡VIVA MEXICO!


~ by turvyc on January 14, 2008.

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