Howdy all,

First off, apologies to Conman for my irresponsibility.

Second, no new photos this time around. Why? I´m too lazy, and I forgot my camera a few times. I´m giving Yvonne and my sister access to my Flickr account so they can upload some sweet pics.

I love Mexico. There is always music, you can drink beer anywhere you want, and people are so damn friendly. We took the equivalent of a Greyhound from Ricon de Guayabidos to Guadalajara, and let me tell you, Greyhound needs a few pointers from the Mexican bus system. Air conditioning, spacious seats, violent movies (in Spanish) and tacos at every stop just plain kick ass.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, weighing in at about 2 million people. We stayed in the incredible Hotel Frances (still haven´t figured out the accent over the ¨e¨), which was built in 1610. It is incredibly grand (wait until you see the pictures), and the best part is that hora feliz (happy hour — two for one drinks) is actually ocho horas feliz, from 1 – 9!!! Sadly, even in this super-posh bar, the only gin they have is the repulsive Oso Negro, so there´s no good geeandtees until Canada, it looks like. Fortunately, I´m developing quite a taste for tequila.

Honestly, I´ve been mentally filing away so many interesting and insightful things to write about here: I´m not interested in doing a blow-by-blow account of my travels, but more of impressions and feelings I have. Sadly, now, in the moment of truth, I forget them. Mom, you remember me talking about it, why don´t you put some in the comments box? Good thing I just bought me a bolsa (shoulder bag), and I´ll start packin my notebook around.

Oh yes, the family has left and now I´m on my lonesome. Tomorrow I head´er to Mexico City, and on the 15th off to Bolivia I go! I´m out of internet time, though, so more on my impressions of the place soon (once I remember them) . . .

Hasta lluego!


~ by turvyc on January 12, 2008.

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