Good Times (mostly) in Mexico

Howdy pards!

Flying is only really exciting during take-off and landing, but fortunately it´s a mere six hours from Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta. One of the biggest eye-openers for me was the sheer immensity of Los Angeles. This place is seriously HUGE, and plus it´s the home to one of my favorite bands, Sublime (not to mention legends like Dr. Dre and Paris Hilton!). I also find the airport code funny . . . at LAX it´s all smooth movements.

Waiting in LAX

Soon enough, though, we were in Mexico. I stepped out of the plane wearing my new Stanfield´s shirt (La Paz is very cold — check out the Weather Report at the bottom of my blog), and instantly started to sweat. Fortunately it was only a quick taxi ride to the resort (unfortunately we (my mom) got ripped off majorly — we polite, inexperienced Canadians didn´t know to bargain), where I donned my swim trunks and hit up the bar.

The resort was excellently fun, but I´m glad we were only there for three days. After a while being around all these gringos gets boring . . . I wanted the real Mexico. But in any case I made the most of it and drank to my heart´s content. A word about the drinks: sure, they´re margaritas, but it´s just not the same served in a dinky plastic cup. And I myself brew much better wine than the swill they served us. I quickly learned my lesson and stuck with tequila and cerveza Indio from then on.

The resort had a disco, but it was actually pretty lame. I am a mere 22 years old, but I was the oldest person in there by about 8 years. Very weird.

Eventually we headed off to Ricon de Guayabidos, or just Guayabidos for short. It´s a nice little town with numerous taco stands and mostly Mexican tourists, so the place feels very authentic (hell, it is authentic). Sadly, I´ve yet to have many adventures here, as I made the mistake of ordering tacos con chorizo (just writing that word makes me want to spew). All day yesterday I suffered from traveller´s diarrhea (the Mexicans aptly call it tourista), which means regular hurling (11 times for me) and extra-juicy stools. Today I feel vaguely better but still I´m just hanging in there thanks to Immodium and Pepto-Bismol. How I´ll eat another taco is beyond me.

Anyways, check out my new photos (click on any of the pictures in the ¨Photographic Documentation¨ section in the sidebar and choose a set), write me a comment, or send me an email to turvyc at gmail dot com! Soon we´re off to Guadalajara, where there is the Tequila Train — 16 distilleries, three free shots at each . . . you do the math! Woot!

´K Bye


~ by turvyc on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Good Times (mostly) in Mexico”

  1. Hey Bud! Sounds like you’re having fun.

    Thanks for taking ALL the bottles of wine and leaving your nasty cheddar-cheese and angel-hair encrusted plates for me to clean.

  2. Sorry about the cheese buddy, you´re right, I´ll owe you a sushi dinner or something. Bout the wine . . . I didn´t drink it all, in april we´ll have some well aged wine! please don´t hate me though.

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