The Official Welcome

Howdy one and all, and welcome to my blog.

As a brief prelude of formality, please allow me to thank each one of you for visiting my blog. I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

Here is a brief overview of my forthcoming trip: First, off to Mexico with the fam, where we will spend about three days at the Royal Decameron resort in Puerto Vallarta. After this we will travel around the area and check out little beach towns and pyramids and whatnots.

I’ll part ways with the fam and head to Mexico City in order the catch my flight to La Paz, Bolivia, on the fifteenth of January. From there, my plans are utterly bare-boned. I have a week booked at the Loki Hostel, and I will attend a conversational Spanish class at a school whose name I forget. Eventually, I will somehow find my way to Lima, Peru, where my flight to return me safely to the first world is scheduled for 15 April, 2008.

Here’s one cool attraction I think I just might do  . . . mountain biking down the “world’s most dangerous road” — which features a 3600 meter drop in only 63 kilometers — in the rainy season! Indeed, the company warns that it’s for “masochists only.” Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Anyways, please check back regularly for updates to this blog, and feel free to comment! I must admit, I love getting comments.

I have all sorts of RSS feeds all over the site, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at this post of mine.

I’ve spent some time adding content so you’d have some stuff to read when I sent it out. Please explore my site, and enjoy!

‘K Bye.



~ by turvyc on December 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Official Welcome”

  1. Have fun in South America! Don’t drink the water….Tequila Only!!!! Cheers!

  2. That can be arranged! I might need some beer just to re-hydrate. Thanks for coming by my blog!

  3. Hey Co! Great blog! I’m almost as excited as you are now!
    Besides your travels I think I’m going to learn alot of geeky stuff too. By the way, what a fine woodshed.
    I shall share the site to those that know you. Happy trails.

  4. Nothing wrong with a little geekitude. Check out the rest of my photos! Just click on them 🙂

  5. Turvy you are HILARIOUS…… but so rad, so i came and checked out your page, pretty impressive……. use some smaller words please, so i can understand it….. im so excited for you. i cant wait to follow along with you and LURK….. (that zit thing is disgusting) its gonna be so awesome. i cant wait to meet the new turvy when you get back, too… but make sure the you dont leave the old one in the south! nice shoes, dork.

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