Youtube rules, again.

Howdy folks,

Well, it turns out that Youtube has proven its sweetness once again. No fear, I’m not about to begin expounding at length; such exposition already exists in abundance on the web. Instead, I’ll direct your attention to the matter at hand:

People have put up videos of the exact same all-inclusive resort that we’re going to. The Royal Decameron in Puerto Vallarta, that is.

Youtube (and the internet in general) is most assuredly the shit.

Here’s the first video, which is complemented by some most excellent and fitting music. The resort itself is only shown at the very beginning (notice the happy colours!), and then the couple making the film head off into the surrounding area . . . pretty typical until 5:28 or so when they hit up the zip-line. I’m so there.

Here is an early-morning view of the beach. So far no babes.

And here, perhaps not so exciting to some, but certainly enjoyable to a few, is a sample of the entertainment at the Royal Decameron. (I must admit I only watched the first 10 seconds of this one. Maybe it sucks. You tell me . . . leave a comment. Do it. Please. I’m not kidding.) The first words to be heard are “he is hammered!” That could be me in just a couple weeks! I can’t wait.

<update> I just watched that last video in its entirity, and I can assure you that it is quite to very humourous. They dupe some poor drunk guy into thinking he’s in a banana eating contest . . . so much for that being me . . . bananas give me a bellyache. </update>

Hang on, I’m out of wine . . .

Okay I’m back. But that’s about it, for now!

‘K Bye.



~ by turvyc on December 8, 2007.

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