Another joy of the net: RSS feeds!


My friends Kieran and Sean (check out my blogroll) were the ones who introduced me to the idea of Web 2.0. In lay terms, this is the internet, the next generation.

Again, I’m not going to go off on what it is and why it’s so cool. Wikipedia addresses the former and Google the latter. However, if you are feeling rather clueless and undesirous of looking it up yourself, I am about to tell you exactly how it affects you and your relationship to this blog, and thus ultimately to me.

The facet of Web 2.0 upon which I shall now shed light is that of the most excellent protocol of RSS (Atom counts too). Look for this symbol:


Essentially it let’s you “subscribe” to webpages, news sites, blogs, auctions, and pretty much anything else you can find on the web. By using an RSS reader, you can quickly check your list of subscriptions for updates.

If you use Firefox 2.0, you can already subscribe to RSS feeds with “live bookmarks.”If you don’t use Firefox (as you should), I’m sure IE has something comparable, or otherwise just use Google’s offering, or perhaps Bloglines. Or just download a standalone. Myself I use Google’s reader, and it is very nifty.

Anyways, this is both cool and convenient for you because now you don’t have to keep coming back to my blog every day to see if I’ve updated it or someone has added a comment to the discussion. Instead, you now just subscribe to my posts feed or my comments feed (check out the RSS Feeds in the sidebar), and any time something changes, you will be alerted. You can even subscribe to my Flickr account and get notified when I add new photos.

You may be thinking that it’s too much work to save time. But I say they’re sweet, and so there.

‘K Bye.

<update> Some WordPress themes have a link to the feeds for comments of specific posts. This one doesn’t. Thus at the bottom of every post I’ll add an RSS icon that links to the feed for just that post’s comments. Check it out! </update>

<another update> For those of you who just refuse to succumb to the sweetness of RSS and wish to remain firmly lodged in good ol’ Web 1.0, you can now subscribe to my blog via automatic e-mail updates. However, I’m not yet sure if it actually works. Feedback is required.</another update>

<perhaps the last update> E-mail subscriptions do work, but the message won’t arrive until about a day after the post is made. RSS subscriptions take only an hour or so . . . hmmm. </perhaps the last update>



~ by turvyc on December 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Another joy of the net: RSS feeds!”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. You don’t agree with what?

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