Gettin’ right pumped up now!


As of late, I’ve realized that my upcoming, somewhat distant vacation/adventure is occupying more and more of my daydreaming: an ever-increasing majority of my time spent daydreaming in class is related to this little sojourn.

I was just checking out the website of the all-inclusive resort we’re going to – the Royal DeCameron in Puerto Vallarta. This is my first time ever going to one, and I am totally stoked for the idea of “free” drinks and food whenever I want it. I mean, gee’n’tees whenever I want? In quintuples??? But even more mind-blowing to me, if it is even possible, is that cigarettes are free! I don’t even smoke but I find that unbelievable bordering on ludicrous. Yet undeniably sweet.

That’s enough for now. If anything really strikes me about this trip I will post it. Maybe.

‘K bye.


~ by turvyc on November 6, 2007.

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